Northwest Indiana Beekeepers Association

Here is a helpful data sheet to keep track of your hives: 
Bee Hive Frame Observation Data Sheet
Courtesty of Rob Dennison, White Lick Beekeepers Association IBA Director


The Northwest Indiana Beekeepers Association strives to help inform the public 
about bees and beekeeping by offering a Beekeeping School each spring. 
The school comprises of approximately five (5) classes throughout the spring months. 
Though we call them classes, each short session is a loose collection of information 
that will take the novice from starting beekeeping to a confident level, 
capable of winterizing the colonies for next year's season.  

Sign-up for the school begins each year at the local county fair 
and runs until the first class each spring. 
If you would like to attend this year's class email: ebrice@prodigy.nefor more info.


Bee Class 2018

Class #1: Introduction to Beekeeping

Refreshments will bee provided during break time. 

Please read and print: Forums/beekeeping 101 Glossery 


Class #3: 

We will be handeling LIVE BEES. A veil will be required. There is NO charge for these classes and club membership is not required but encouraged.