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Swarm removal

The Northwest Indiana Beekeepers Association offers free swarm removal of honey beesIf you have honey bees on your property please contact one of our local beekeepers immediately for safe relocation.

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Crown Point: Mike Braddish 219-677-5635

Dyer: Stosh Wrona 219-308-8825

Gary: Ed Rice 219-781-8526

Griffith: Nicky Jones 219-359-BEES (2337)

Lowell: Danielle Ray 219-313-8977

Merrillville: Pedro Sanchez 219-455-0713

Schererville: Ralph Ochs 219-742-2530

St. John: Brian Blazak 219-808-3720

The NWIBA only provides the point of contact for swarm removal and is not responsible for any part of the process of removing the swarm.

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